Westerham Brewery: Spirit Of Kent (Gluten Free) 500ml - 4%


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Westerham Brewery: Spirit Of Kent (Gluten Free) 500ml - 4%
9 Hop Kent Pale Ale, lemon citrus aromas with a smooth, sweetly malty flavour. Spirit of Kent celebrates the Kent Spitfire, a Mark IX Spitfire housed at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. It also recalls the "XXX Modification Depth Charges" that flew out of Biggin Hill in June 1944 filled with Westerham Ales. The "XXX Joy Juice" was racked into the unused auxiliary fuel tanks and flown over to the forward airbases in France. Hopped with 9 different types of Kent bred and Kent grown hops. Aroma - Hoppy, Lemon, Citrus Taste - Smoothy, Sweet, Malty Malt - Pale Ale & Caramalt Hops - WGV, Early Choice Goldings, Bramling Cross, Progress, Target, Pilgrim, First Gold, Sovereign & Finchcocks' Hop X Certified gluten-free & vegan-friendly.

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