Garage Beer: Triple Soup 10%

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Here it is. Soup. Times 3. For the 4th anniversary of their move to the production brewery in San Andreu Garage wanted to do something a little bit special. They've taken Soup and scaled it up to TIPA territory and then dumped ridiculous amounts of Citra and Mosaic in 5 of the most modern and impactful formats; Spectrum, Incognito, Cryo, T90 and BBC. The list of names sounds like a group of universe saving superheroes and in their own way they are. Spectrum is the newest and most concentrated form of pure hops available and this is the first time we have used it. This sticky resin is used in the dry hop stage and allows hop aroma to shine in an unihibited way due to it's extreme solubility. Incognito (a pure hop oil format) is another new one for Garage.